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Operation Finally Home Awards a Mortgage-Free home to s Deserving Veteran

Operation Finally Home Wisconsin had the honor of Awarding one of the homes to a very deserving family. Congratulations U.S. Army Sargent Drew Wroblewski and his wife Katelyn. Well Deserved!!

Tim O'Brien Homes Honored Twice at the Avid Awards in Madison

The Tim O'Brien Homes Madison team was honored with the Avid Award - Benchmark Award for Customer Satisfaction and Marilyn Reardon, Interior Design Coordinator, received an Avid Award for being one of the Top 5% Nationwide for Customer Satisfaction in Design.
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Operation Finally Home discussion with Rep. Scott Allen (R-Waukesha)

Visit to the State Capitol

Operation Finally Home Wisconsin visits the Wisconsin State Capitol

Some of the Operation Finally Home task force were asked to visit Representative Scott Allen at the Capital. Present left to right were: Tim O'Brien, David Belman, Representative Scott Allen, Kristine S. Hillmer and Ray Hoffman.
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Operation Finally Home Wisconsin - Part Three: Preparing for ‘pillar’ events

JS Online - By Maureen Boylan - June 27, 2015 - Photo Credit - JS Online

997 Former U.S. Army staff sergeant Travis Palmer was led to believe they were on their way to a follow up Operation FINALLY HOME (OFH) applicant interview. Being driven by an OFH official to what was soon to become the Palmer family’s new subdivision, the vehicle passed by flag waving throngs lining the streets.

“I was told we were driving around because we were waiting for board members to show up for the interview,” Palmer said. “But I did not suspect anything out of the ordinary.”

Only when the OFH official announced, “Brother, you’re getting the home,” did Palmer realize he was being granted an OFH custom mortgage free dwelling, Palmer said.

Building homes for wounded veterans across the nation since 2005, OFH is now making a grand entrance into Wisconsin with the building of two side-by-side homes in Cranberry Creek Subdivision in Jackson, thanks to a host of local builders, suppliers, contractors and other community supporters. Latest to join the cause are Sherwin-Williams Paint Company – Milwaukee District, Water Doctors of Waukesha, Paragon Media Group, LLC in Oconomowoc, Lammscapes! in Jackson and LandMark Engineering Sciences, Inc. in Waukesha.

“It was surreal. Unbelievable,” Palmer said of “The Surprise,” one of five “pillar” OFH events. “My wife, Toniek, and I both started crying tears of joy.”

Their happiness was an unbelievable contrast to what the 41 year old father of four had endured since being severely injured while serving in Iraq.

“I only know what happened through what people told me because I blacked out. We were ambushed. I lost a guy that day. My Humvee was blown up with two 500 pound bombs underneath it. But we made it through,” Palmer said. As a result of the “horrific incident,” Palmer, of Tomball, Texas, struggles with degenerative disk disease, chronic pain, posttraumatic stress disorder and other health complications. “I have to take a lot of medicines every day,” he said.

Pillar events

For each home, national OFH works with the builder and other local OFH team members to customize events so it is personalized to their build, said Molly Halliday, OFH vice president of marketing. “From a recipient’s point of view, they really don’t know the pillar events have been established until the final step – the dedication.”

Wisconsin pillar events began with “Town Meeting” on May 27, 2015 at Metropolitan Builders Association. OFH vice president of construction Lee Kirgan was introduced before a crowd of nearly 50 building industry representatives. To create awareness for the project, Kirgan provided an overview of OFH’s mission, builds and what is needed from trades and subcontractors – from products and services to monetary contributions.

Next events are “The Surprise,” followed by “Groundbreaking Ceremony,” “Notes of Love” and “Dedication.” OFH works with builders and the community to schedule the surprise. Expected local time frame is July or August 2015. “ Successful reveal events have ranged from those coordinated around a high traffic public event with media already onsite, such as a concert or professional sports game, to those planned organically such as a combined surprise/groundbreaking at the home site,” Halliday said.

The build team meets the family for the first time at the surprise event, which is a pivotal point for the family, said Daniel Vargas, OFH vice president of family matters and community outreach. “You can actually see the change in the family starting to take place. Their stress and anxiety disappear… it’s a great way to introduce them to the community while showing America still cares.”

“This is a huge part of the family’s healing process. For Travis, it was a total surprise, as well as for his wife. She had become his caretaker and also takes care of the kids. Now, no matter what happens, they are always going to have a roof over their heads.”

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Milwaukee Business Journal reveals Fastest Growing Firms winners

Milwaukee Business Journal - By Todd Bragstad - June 25, 2015 - Photo Credit - Scott Paulus

Tim O'Brien of Tim O'Brien Homes

The Milwaukee Business Journal has selected 31 winners for the 2015 Fastest Growing Firms awards, which recognizes southeastern Wisconsin companies for significant growth over the past three years. This year’s winners come from many sectors of the economy, including construction, high-tech, manufacturing, real estate and insurance. Some are repeat winners from previous years, such as Catalyst Construction, Concurrency Inc., Winter Services Inc., SafeNet Consulting Inc., HNI and Schmidt Custom Floors Inc.

For several others it’s their first time to be selected as Fastest Growing Firms. Some of those winners include Annex Wealth Management LLC, Neumann Cos., ZMac Transportation Solutions, O&H Danish Bakery and Air Flow Inc.

For a company to be selected, it must have annual revenue between $3 million and $500 million, and have recorded a profit for the past three years. Companies with the highest percentages of growth from 2012 to 2014 were selected as winners. As in past years, we worked with Schenck SC on the verification process.

“We have another group of highly successful winners that have pushed hard and smartly gone about their business to sustain growth over the past few years,” said Mark Kass, the Business Journal’s editor-in-chief. “Six of the group of 31 winners exceeded 100 percent growth rates from 2012 to 2014. It’s another good sign that our economy continues to rebound.”

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Operation Finally Home Wisconsin - Part Two: Selecting recipients for Milwaukee area builds

JS Online - By J.A. Berger - June 20, 2015 - Photo Credit - JS Online

“To take advantage of it, I almost felt guilty,” said medically retired Green Beret John McCrillis of being granted an ‘Operation Finally Home’ (OFH) dwelling. “You see guys who need it more, who are in worse situations.”

McCrillis, a 30 year old married father of two daughters, sustained gunshot wounds in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan. He returned home to face a grueling recovery period where he was in “no condition” to provide for his family, he said. Receiving a home gave him hope and encouragement.

“After being injured you almost accept defeat because it’s such a mentally and physically draining process of recovery. That’s why this home was critically important to me,” he said. “It was a kick, to step forward in the right direction.” Since 2005, OFH has built custom mortgage free homes across the nation for more than 60 wounded veterans and their families, with 65 more homes in the works. Now, for the first time, OFH is coming to Wisconsin.

Creating Awareness

On June 11, 2015 a ribbon cutting on a pair of donated lots in Cranberry Creek Subdivision in Jackson inaugurated the project, promoting community awareness with hopes of garnering additional support. Two side-by-side homes will be constructed by builders Belman Homes, Inc. in Waukesha and Tim O’Brien Homes, Inc. in Pewaukee. Neumann Companies of Pewaukee provided the lots.

Other supporters include Renewal by Andersen Milwaukee, Metropolitan Builders Association and Wisconsin Builders Association. Building Component Manufacturers Conference is donating lumber and windows. Additional main sponsors are Westbury Bank, Dave Jones, Inc., Dave Droegkamp Heating and Cooling, Beaudry and Associates, and Drexel Building Supply.

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and other community leaders were on hand to lend support to the project. “Our veterans fight for all of our hopes and futures. It’s a great day when we can share back with them, hope and a future, right here in Wisconsin,” Kleefisch said.

Local OFH lead David Belman, president of Belman Homes, spoke of his gratefulness for community support. “I would like to personally thank the volunteers who have helped organize events, as well sponsors, suppliers, contractors and tradespeople who have generously stepped up to help make this project become a reality,” he said.

OFH representatives were featured in Village of Jackson Community Parade during the city’s annual “Action in Jackson” festival on June 15, 2015.

Searching for soldiers

As community supporters work to plan dual builds, national OFH is conducting a thorough search for wounded veterans in need of support.

Finding a recipient is more difficult than one would think. “When the soldiers went into the military it was to serve others,” said Molly Halliday, OFH vice president of marketing. “To turn around and be on the receiving end is something they may have a hard time accepting.” In fact, a recent OFH recipient insisted on conferring with his pastor to discern the acceptance of such a gift. The wounded veteran did not feel deserving of the home, Halliday said.

OFH’s national executive board is responsible for finding recipient families, said Daniel Vargas, OFH vice president of family matters and community outreach. “When we know a build is going to take place, we look for families who live in the area or are interested in coming back who could use a ‘hand up,’ with the support we provide,” Vargas said. The executive committee contacts U.S. Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, military hospitals and other military related organizations to aid in recipient search. An initial contact form is then sent. If this stage is passed, the veteran is asked to complete an application requiring extensive background information.

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Announce the Construction of the Homes for Operation Finally Home Wisconsin

Jackson, WI - June 12, 2015

Tim O’Brien Homes, Inc., Neumann Companies, Inc., Belman Homes, and the Metropolitan Builders Association participated in an event in Jackson, WI to announce the Operation FINALLY HOME 501(c)(3) Cranberry Creek projects. Through donations and active generosity from Belman, O’Brien, and Neumann, two homes will be built for wounded war heroes and will be given to them mortgage-free.

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony with Tim O’Brien, Matt Neumann, and David Belman to announce the construction of the homes.

Additionally, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is helping to spread the word about Operation Finally Home in their article ‘Dream Homes for Wounded Veterans: Operation Finally Home Comes to Wisconsin.’ The article details the work that the founder, Dan Wallrath, has invested into Operation Finally Home and a few stories about the soldiers that he has helped to live in worry-free homes.

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Operation Finally Home Wisconsin - Part One: Beginnings of the build

JS Online - By Maureen Boylan - June 13, 2015

Medically retired Green Beret John McCrillis had a clear cut American dream. Prior to his injuries, his hopes included maintaining service to his country and starting multiple businesses upon military retirement.

But McCrillis did not dream he would sustain gunshot wounds, one to his chest and one to his leg, while trying to capture Taliban commanders in Afghanistan. He did not dream he would return home with posttraumatic stress disorder, with worries of providing for his family, and tough questions. “How do I get back to the man I used to be?” he said.

Finally, McCrillis, of San Antonio, Texas, certainly did not dream Operation Finally Home (OFH), a national, nonprofit organization headquartered in San Antonio, would change, perhaps even save his life by building him a custom mortgage free home, granting him a strong foundation to move forward with his life.

Changing the lives of wounded veterans across the nation since 2005, OFH now debuts in Wisconsin, thanks to a host of builders, contractors and other community supporters who are donating time and materials to the cause. Leading the way are Belman Homes in Waukesha, Tim O’Brien Homes in Pewaukee, and Neumann Companies, also in Pewaukee.

Each homebuilder is building a house on a pair of lots in Cranberry Creek Subdivision in Jackson, and lots are being provided by Neumann. Local supporters include Renewals by Andersen Milwaukee, Metropolitan Builders Association and Wisconsin Builders Association. Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) is donating lumber and windows. Some other main sponsors are Westbury Bank, Dave Jones, Inc., Dave Droegkamp Heating and Cooling, Beaudry and Associates, and Drexel Building Supply.

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Operation Finally Home featured on The Morning Blend

Tim O'Brien Homes is Proud to be a major supportor
of Operation Finally Home Wisconsin

Milwaukee, WI. - April 13, 2015

Operation FINALLY HOME, a 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to provide custom-made, mortgage-free homes to wounded and disabled veterans and the widows of the fallen, announced plans to build two homes for two disabled veterans and their families. Award-winning builders Belman Homes and Tim O’Brien Homes have agreed to build the homes and Developer Neumann Companies has donated the land at the Cranberry Creek subdivision in the Village of Jackson.

Operation FINALLY HOME was founded by Dan Wallrath in 2005. Rusty Carroll now runs the organization out of New Braunfels, Texas. The program provides custom-made homes to wounded and disabled veterans as well as to widows of the fallen to help them get their lives back on track.

“The mission of Operation FINALLY HOME Wisconsin is to help wounded heroes and their families’ transition from the battlefield to the home field. We help in this transition by building homes for these heroes. The only way this objective is even possible is through partnerships with the Metropolitan Builders Association, Wisconsin Builders Association, suppliers, developers, committee members, individual contributors and volunteers. Tim O’Brien Homes, Belman Homes and Neumann companies is making this build possible in Southeast Wisconsin by selflessly offering time, labor and land to build these homes for our Heroes.” - Ray Hoffman, Marketing Director Renewal by Andersen.

“Tim O’Brien Homes is very proud to be a part of this project,” said Tim O’Brien, President, Tim O’Brien Homes “Not only does this align with our Core Values, we are giving back to those that have selflessly fought for our country. It just makes sense that we all pull together and create a comfortable home for our wounded heroes.”

“We are honored to support our veterans through Operation Finally Home and we are very grateful and have been blown away by all the support from our loyal team of craftsmen that have stepped forward to help with this amazing cause.” –David Belman, President Belman Homes, Inc.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our company to give at least a little back to the military families who have given of their time and lives to serve and protect us. We are honored to be a major supporter of the project and remain grateful to all who have served and are currently serving in the military.” – Matt Neumann, President of Neumann Companies.

For information on how you can help please call our hotline at 262-522-3624. If you would like to donate please go to:, text “Wisconsin” to 41444 or drop off a donation at our official drop off location at any Westbury Bank Location.

Tim O'Brien Homes - Adopt-A-Family for the Holidays

Tim O'Brien Homes - Adopt-A-Family for the Holidays 2014

Each year Tim O’Brien Homes adopts two families in Waukesha County to make sure kids have presents to open on Christmas day.

Tim O'Brien Homes proudly participating with Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County

Tim O'Brien Homes - Habitat for Humanity Waukesha County 2014

The Tim O’Brien Homes team spent the day painting, caulking, and building a new home in the City of Waukesha.

Educational Visit to the City of Waukesha
Elementary School

Tim O'Brien Homes - Apod-A-Family for the Holidays 2014

Teaching students about building and designing a new home. Our architect created cut-outs of a home for the kids to assemble.

Tim O'Brien Homes Goes Solar

Each New Home Built Ready for Solar Electric System MILWAUKEE, WI – As part of its ongoing commitment to green building practices, Tim O’Brien Homes, Inc., a semi-custom, single-family homebuilder with offices in Milwaukee and Madison, announced that every new home built by the company is now solar ready.

Provided in coordination with SunVest Solar, Inc., all new Tim O’Brien Homes will meet code for the future installation of a solar electric system. According to SunVest, these systems provide a renewable energy solution with both environmental and financial benefits. The financial advantage of the systems has increased in recent years, as the cost of solar energy has decreased by 68 percent between 2009 and 2014, while electricity rates increased 15 percent over the same period. Today, a solar electric system from SunVest provides an average annual return on investment of nearly 20 percent.

“We are proud and excited to make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to go solar,” said Tim O’Brien, president of Tim O’Brien Homes. “Surveys show that 97% of Americans overestimate the cost of installing a solar system and 77% of homeowners would install solar if cost were not a factor. Having the required infrastructure in each of our new homes makes solar energy an easier decision for homeowners to make.”

To be considered solar ready, new homes are built with the necessary conduit and piping from the roof to the basement installed within the home’s walls. This allows for faster, cleaner, and less expensive installation when homeowners opt to equip their home with a solar electric system.

SunVest solar electric systems are designed and built to last 30 years with little required maintenance. The solar panels, which are typically installed on the roof of a home, are tested to handle between 30 and 40 pounds of snow per square foot, 90 miles per hour wind gusts, and one-inch hail stones at 55 miles per hour.

Tim O’Brien Homes is committed to energy efficiency, innovative designs, green building practices, and renewable technologies. Every home built meets the Focus on Energy and the Wisconsin Green Built Home programs, which are third-party tested and certified, ensuring a solid investment and low cost of homeownership.

With model homes available to tour throughout the greater Milwaukee area, all Tim O’Brien Homes feature a 10-year limited warranty that is transferable and backed by insurance. Focused on delivering an extraordinary building experience, the Tim O’Brien Homes team of industry professionals has provided over 1,000 new homes to satisfied customers.

Tim O'Brien Homes has newsmakers across Southeast Wisconsin talking about affordable green building

City breaks ground on Uptown Village with Tim O'Brien Homes, Neumann Companies
Fitchburg Star

What was once the site of the Holmes Rodeo on a private parcel of land in Fitchburg will now be an urbanized neighborhood called Uptown Village. This single-family neighborhood is part of the overall concept of Uptown Fitchburg, a 450-acre new development located on the City’s eastside. Uptown is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create something fresh and new that will dramatically shape the future of Fitchburg. The concept is a bike/pedestrian friendly design with every day conveniences and easy access to downtown Madison with the new U.S. Highway 14 Lacy Road interchange.

On Oct. 25th, Tim O’Brien Homes along with the City of Fitchburg and Neumann Companies, the developer, held a ground breaking ceremony on the first of 27 single family homes built to the new Smart Code ordinance. The ceremony was attended by City of Fitchburg Mayor Shawn Pfaff; Don Esposito, division president of Tim O’Brien Homes of Madison, LLC; Matt Neumann, president of Neumann Companies, Inc.; Dana Neal Fitchburg Chamber Ambassador; and other city officials.

"The opening of Uptown Village is great news and is the catalyst for more exciting development coming to Fitchburg," said Fitchburg Mayor Shawn Pfaff. "This first-of-its kind, forward-thinking development that is centrally-located in Dane County is an ideal place for families to enjoy a great quality of life at an affordable state of Wisconsin.

Tim O’Brien Homes and Neumann Companies will be pioneers for developing new urban single-family homes in Uptown Village, located on the Northeast corner of Syene Road and East Cheryl Parkway. All the homes will be built under the City of Fitchburg’s Smart Code ordinance, an innovative new type of zoning code. The City has established development guidelines based on form of the building and less on use of the building as traditional neighborhoods are developed. This fast tracks the approval process. Uptown Village is the first development entitled and built under the Smart Code.

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Former Brookfield school site to become new neighborhood

Pewaukee’s Tim O’Brien Homes plans to build 25 single-family green homes
By Dwayne Butler House & Home Editor - The Freeman

Neumann Companies, along with Tim O’Brien Homes and the city of Brookfield, recently broke ground on a new subdivision on the site of the former Linfield Elementary School.

BROOKFIELD – Neumann Companies, along with Tim O’Brien Homes and the city of Brookfield, recently broke ground on a new subdivision on the site of the former Linfield Elementary School.

The ceremony was attended by Brookfield Mayor Steve Ponto, Neumann Companies President Matt Neumann, Tim O’Brien Homes’ Director of Sales Jason Janseen and other city officials.

“We are pleased to revitalize this prime area in the heart of Brookfield and turn a blighted building into a new green development,” Neumann said in a release.

Tim O’Brien Homes will build the 25 singlefamily homes, five of which are already under contract, the company said in a release. Lot sizes, on average, will be 10,000 square feet, or just under a quarter of an acre. The certified green homes will start in size from 1,500 square feet for a ranch home to 1,700 square feet for a two-story home. Home and lot packages will start at $300,000.

Tim O’Brien Homes also will open a fully decorated, two-story model called The Clover. The model is expected to be completed by late February.

The subdivision, called Linfield Crossing, is located just north of West Greenfield Avenue, between Elm Grove Road and Chester Street.

“Linfield Crossing is a unique opportunity to reinvigorate a well-established Brookfield neighborhood with the construction of 25 new singlefamily homes,” Ponto said in a release. “I amimpressed with the sensitivity which Neumann Companies and Tim O’Brien Homes have demonstrated for the existing neighborhood and their commitment to environmentally friendly building and development practices.”

>>Click here to read the full Freeman article

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