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Our Year in Review

Categories: Donate, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, News, Tim O'Brien Homes, Volunteer | Posted: January 17, 2019

This past year has been one that has brought Tim O’Brien Homes to some of our greatest achievements as a company. We strive to use the best green building practices, improve our internal processes, and create an overall comfortable, energy efficient home that families can call home for a long time. 2018 has helped in realizing we are on the right track with those goals as our company’s core values.

One of our earliest successes in the year was receiving the National Housing Quality Gold award from Professional Builder Magazine. The recipient of this award is determined by multiple different business aspects as a builder from customer service to building quality to warranty and even trade partner relations. In 2017, TOH was awarded Silver for the NHQ award. We were given recommendations on how we could achieve Gold in the future. We implemented those recommendations and more to help improve not only our own business practices but the entire building process for the customers.

Earlier in the year we applied for the Housing Innovation Award given by the Department of Energy and we were one of the 23 builders to receive it. The home that helped us win this award was our Savannah Model in Red Fox Crossing which uses solar panels to generate energy back to the grid. As a company we average a HERS index (Home Energy Rating Score) of 48. An average new home that is only built to code standards and not using energy efficient building practices is around 100 on the HERS scale.  The Savannah was given a HERS index of 26.

We also received a Benchmark Award from Avid Ratings, our customer service survey platform. This award recognizes builders in that are in the top 25% of highest customer ratings throughout the build and move in experience.

One of our 7 Company Core Values is Embracing Social Responsibility. This year we have continued working with Oconomowoc High School’s Trades 3 course for the 8th year in a row to collaborate with our trade partners and construction managers to help build a home. In addition, we have also partnered with New Berlin High Schools Construction 3 class to give them this same experience. Our industry is experiencing a shortage in trade labor and this program has helped address that issue directly. Many students that have participated in this course have gone straight into working with a local trade.

Throughout the year TOH and Neumann Developments employees log any physical activity for the month. The company donates a certain amount for each activity and a quarterly check is given to a different charity selected by the employees. This past year we donated to Ronald McDonald House, The Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha, and Meals on Wheels.

Last but definitely not least, TOH has helped 193 families into the homes of their dreams this past year. Nothing is more rewarding to our team than to hear the stories of our customers and just how excited they are to be moving into their new homes! 2018 has been a fulfilling year for Tim O’Brien Homes and we look forward to another great year in 2019.


Operation FINALLY HOME – Home Dedication

Categories: Donate, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Neighborhoods, News, Operation Finally Home, The Building Process, Tim O'Brien Homes | Posted: June 9, 2016

A day filled with peace and joy as we welcomed home U.S. Army Veterans and their families; Specialist Robert “Bo” Kitelinger and Sergeant Gerard “Drew” Wroblewski, to their new homes!

The home dedication ceremony for the first two Operation Finally Home Wisconsin builds took place on Saturday, June 4th 2016 at 11:00 AM in Jackson, Wisconsin. Operation FINALLY HOME is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; “providing custom-built, mortgage free homes to America’s military Heroes and the widows of the fallen, those who have worn America’s uniform and sacrificed so much to defend our freedoms and values.” Each homebuilder, including Tim O’Brien Homes, built a home in the Cranberry Creek neighborhood in Jackson, WI. Neumann Companies joined forces with the builders and generously provided the side by side lots. Many supporters and donors from Jackson and local communities graciously helped provide a mortgage free home for Bo, Drew and their families.

Watch below to see special moments from the Home Dedication, thank you he Daily News and Waukesha Freeman for capturing this memory!

Tim O’Brien Homes was fortunate to be provided the opportunity to build a new home for Drew and his wife Katelyn. Drew enlisted in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman on March 28, 2005 – Easter Sunday. Drew was sent to basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia, and after graduation from basic training, he was assigned to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, for his first duty station. Drew was deployed to Iraq in September 2005, where his unit operated the southwest corridor of Baghdad, better known as the “Sunni Triangle of Death.” Drew in CombatOn November 29, 2005, Drew was providing security during combat patrol, in the rear gunner position, the combat vehicle Drew was in drove around a corner and was suddenly overrun by flames from a shaped charge explosion. Drew was medically evacuated from the scene as he was enduring intense external bleeding from his ears, as he arrived to the temporary hospital tent the medical team removed superficial shrapnel from Drew’s face. Eventually, Drew returned to the mission.

Time had passed following Drew’ deployment, in which severe migraine episodes began to affect his ability to function at the high level Drew needed for his military career. Drew spent many hours for a year in therapy, as he strived to return to his unit.


Katelyn and Drew

Unfortunately, Drew was unable to attain the progress needed to return to his unit, as a result of facing hundreds of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and endless high stress situations during his time as he served our country. Drew suffers from post-traumatic migraines and tension, Tinnitus, Cranial Nerve Impingement and more. On November 27, 2008, Drew medically retired from the Army; and his service was greatly recognized. Drew received a Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, and many more.

Drew is honored and humbled by the medals, although he accredits his brothers from his unit, that he made it to today because of them.

In May 2013, Drew graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. Drew double majored in International Studies and Political Science, with an emphasis on the Middle East, as well as a minor in history with two years of Arabic. Drew and his wife, Katelyn, are now “finally home” to start new memories.

June 4th was an unforgettable day, we wish you each many years of happiness in your new home with your family. This was truly an amazing day! Thank you everyone for coming out and showing your support, especially all the donors and volunteers who gave their time, energy and love to these deserving veterans.

Thank you Bo & Drew, as well as everyone else who has or currently is serving for the United States of America. Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you do for all of us!

To see more pictures from the event, visit our Facebook page.


Left to Right: Bucks Energy Dancer, Bango, Joe Volesky – Tim OBrien Homes Construction Manager, Tim OBrien, Katelyn Wroblewski, Drew Wroblewski, Wrobleski Family Member, Molly – Operation FINALLY HOME, Kris Hillmer – MBA, Matt Neumann – Neumann Companies, Ray Hoffman


Left to Right: Matt Neumann – Nuemann Companies, Angela Cooper – Tim OBrien Homes, Tim OBrien, Katelyn Wroblewski, Drew Wroblewski, Matt Kawczynski – Tim OBrien Homes, Shane Fleischman – Tim OBrien Homes, Bryan Lindgren – Tim OBrien Homes, Amy Boczkiewicz – Tim OBrien Homes, Tim Pykett – Tim OBrien Homes, Bianca Costanzo – Tim OBrien Homes, Evan Ott – Tim OBrien Homes, Joe Volesky – Tim OBrien Homes, Carey Podlesnik – Tim OBrien Homes





Handwritten Notes for Veterans within the Walls of their New Home

Categories: Donate, Green Building, Operation Finally Home, Tim O'Brien Homes, Volunteer | Posted: November 23, 2015

On Saturday, November 14th, Tim O’Brien Homes, Operation FINALLY Home, and all the sponsors/supporters wrote “Notes of Love” within the studs of the two mortgage-free homes for two deserving wounded war heroes and their family.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote an article about the handwritten notes and the honor all felt as they wrote their notes for the Veterans:

Notes of Love fill veterans’ Wisconsin homes

By J.A. Berger – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


On November 14, 2015, Bo and Kim Kitelinger and Drew and Katelyn Wroblewski walked around their new homes. Still bare to the studs, the houses were both unfinished and complete — empty yet full. The day before, both homes were filled with members of the community, sponsors and contributors who wrote messages and signed Notes of Love to the two families on the interior walls as part of Operation Finally Home (OFH). The two veterans and their families will be next door neighbors in the Cranberry Creek subdivision in the Village of Jackson. “They recognized each other from when they served,” said Molly Halliday of Operation Finally Home. “Now, they will be neighbors here to help each other transition from military to civilian life. It’s truly a God thing.”

Both families are overwhelmed by their new circumstances: each receiving a three-bedroom, three-bath ranch home — mortgage-free. “I think Bo and Kim are still trying to process it all. Drew and Katelyn have had a few months for all this to sink in,” Halliday said.


U.S. Army Sgt. Drew Wroblewski, along with his wife, Katelyn

U.S. Army Specialist Robert “Bo” Kitelinger was the second recipient of a mortgage-free home in Wisconsin through Operation Finally Home. Sgt. Gerard “Drew” Wroblewski was the first veteran who was gifted a mortgage-free home through the organization this past summer.

Although the veterans had been recently surprised by such generosity, the homes have been in the works for a year, thanks to Belman Homes, Tim O’Brien Homes, Neumann Companies and Structural Building Components Association. “It has been months of planning, fundraising, coordinating and building,” said Kris Hillmer, executive director of the Metropolitan Builders Association. Hillmer, who is a member of the main planning committee, wandered the home, reading the messages left by all those involved in the project. “We reached out to MBA members and subcontractors. Hundreds of people contributed in both big and small ways to make this happen. It’s a cause so many believe in.” Hillmer left her message in an interior kitchen wall. “It’s the heart of the home,” she said.

David Belman, president of Belman Homes, looked as proud as a new father as he welcomed those who came to write messages of good wishes and eternal gratitude to the new owners.

The homes, which are scheduled to be dedicated in February or March 2016, are both the same size and shape: 1,650 square feet on the main floor and 1,299 square feet in the finished lower level. “The homes have different exterior fronts,” Belman said. The Kitelinger home, built by Belman Homes, is a stick-built frame with rafters. “It took about eight days to put up and it features two-by-six walls and16-inch on center.” The Wroblewski home, built by Tim O’Brien Homes, is a panelized structure with roof trusses and two-by-four walls and 24-inch on center. It took two days to put up. The lots were donated by Neumann Companies. “The homes would normally be around $350,000 with the land. Both families are receiving them mortgage-free because of all the donations from the trades, suppliers and communities.”


U.S. Army Specialist Robert “Bo” Kitelinger along with his wife, Kim, and their three children.

Bob Ritcher and John Atlee of Water Doctors were there to sign messages. Appropriately, Atlee chose an interior wall in the bathroom. The company installed the filtration and soft-ration systems in the homes. “This project was near and dear to us,” Ritcher said. “Respect for veterans is missing. This was our way to show our gratitude.” The homes will have the latest technology in water systems. “The systems run on water pressure and usage, not electricity,” Atlee said.

Todd Flitter and Tim Mulder of Drexel Building Supplies were there too. Drexel supplied the doors, millwork, cabinetry and finished flooring. “Joel Fleischman, owner of Drexel, was approached by Tim O’Brien and David Belman, who are longtime customers of ours. We were happy to do what we could for veterans and their families going through tough times,” Flitter said. Mulder agreed. “As a family-owned business, we are very involved in our community.”10481134_881515241964207_6910864891815551340_o

Ray Hoffman, marketing director for Renewal by Andersen, who sat on the OFH Task Force, was there too. “To get involved was an easy decision for me,” he said. As a veteran of Desert Shield, Hoffman wanted to contribute any way he could. Both homes are graced with big, beautiful windows donated by Renewal by Andersen. As a result of OFH, Hoffman has acquired some unexpected rewards. “I hear from both Bo and Drew a couple of times a day. We are now best friends.”

Kelly Valentino, director of Jackson’s Parks & Recreation Department, stopped by with a special delivery. Valentino delivered dozens of messages and artwork by students of Jackson Elementary School to be included in the interior walls.

Hallmark Building Supplies donated Tyvek House Wrap and DuPont Corian counter tops. Linda Heipp and Mike Hoium of Hallmark were there to pen their good wishes before the walls were enclosed. “Hallmark has a relationship with both Tim O’Brien and David Belman and got us involved in Operation Finally Home,” Hoium said. “They are really good builders and community members.” Heipp added, “Our CEO is also a vet. He wants our company to be involved in the community. So this was a perfect fit.”

As supporters and donors walked through the homes on a cold November afternoon, the space was warmed with heartfelt wishes of gratitude. “These men have affected our lives,” said Dylan Snyder, ticket sales representative for the Milwaukee Bucks. “We were approached to have the reveal for Bo’s home at the Bucks game in October. We wanted to help honor those who serve and be a part of Operation Finally Home.”

There is some discussion for a third home to be built in Wisconsin, Halliday said. “Our process is unique because we start with builders and those in the trades. These are the best people around.”

The homes of Bo and Kim Kitelinger and Drew and Katelyn Wroblewski are now filled with Notes of Love for their sacrifice. “Bo and Drew are good ambassadors for Operation Finally Home,” Halliday said. “They are now part of our family.”

Operation Finally Home: The Cranberry Creek Projects

Categories: Donate, Model Homes, Neighborhoods, Operation Finally Home, Tim O'Brien Homes, Volunteer | Posted: June 16, 2015


Last week Tim O’Brien Homes, Inc., Neumann Companies, Inc., Belman Homes, and the Metropolitan Builders Association participated in an event in Jackson, WI to announce the Operation FINALLY HOME 501(c)(3) Cranberry Creek projects. Through donations and active generosity from Belman, O’Brien, and Neumann, two homes will be built for wounded war heroes and will be given to them mortgage-free.

Below is a short clip of the ribbon cutting ceremony with Tim O’Brien, Matt Neumann, and David Belman to announce the construction of the homes. You can also see all the supporters who came to raise awareness and excitement. Thank you for your continuous support!

Wisconsin Builders Association

Additionally, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is helping to spread the word about Operation Finally Home in their article ‘Dream Homes for Wounded Veterans: Operation Finally Home Comes to Wisconsin.’ The article details the work that the founder, Dan Wallrath, has invested into Operation Finally Home and a few stories about the soldiers that he has helped to live in worry-free homes.

news clip

Click for the Full Article at JSOnline

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features David Belman and his work to introduce Operation Finally Home to Wisconsin as well as a few quotes from Tim O’Brien and Matt Neumann about their excitement to participate and upcoming work on the new homes. We encourage you to read further and learn more about this one of a kind organization and the heroes they help.

How You Can Help Operation FINALLY HOME Wisconsin

  • Cash Donations – All donations will directly go toward materials and labor for the two Wisconsin projects
  • Donations – Materials to build the homes and furniture to furnish the homes after the builds are complete
  • Volunteers – Create a fundraising event on behalf of Operation Finally Home Wisconsin
  • Support – Share the story about this amazing Charity. See if you can reach out to your groups: Churches, VFW’s, Chambers, etc. to spread the word and possibly host a fundraising event for Operation Finally Home Wisconsin

For information on how you can help, please call our hotline at 262-522-3624. If you would like to donate, please visit: Additionally, you can text the word “Wisconsin” to 41444 to receive instructions on how to donate via cell phone or drop off a donation at our official drop off location at any Westbury Bank location. To stay on top of the latest news, “Like” the Operation FINALLY HOME Wisconsin and Tim O’Brien Homes Facebook pages.

Operation FINALLY HOME is Here in Wisconsin

Categories: Donate, Home Care, Operation Finally Home, The Building Process, Tim O'Brien Homes, Volunteer | Posted: April 14, 2015

Operation FINALLY HOME 501(c)(3) is a nonprofit organization set out to provide mortgage-free homes to wounded, disabled, or ill veterans and the surviving spouses and their families. Award-winning builders, Belman Homes and Tim O’Brien Homes announced plans to build two homes for two disabled veterans and their families. Land developer, Neumann Companies donated the land at the Cranberry Creek neighborhood in the Village of Jackson.

To donate, please visit:

To donate, please visit:

Operation FINALLY HOME was founded by Dan Wallrath in 2005. Rusty Carroll now runs the organization out of New Braunfels, Texas. The organization focuses on joining forces with corporate sponsors, builder associations, builders, developers, individual contributors, and volunteers to help wounded war Heroes and their families transition to their home field by building a home to call their own.

The three companies, Belman Homes, Tim O’Brien Homes, and Neumann Companies, are excited to begin this journey and support a wonderful cause.

“Tim O’Brien Homes is very proud to be a part of this project. Not only does this align with our Core Values, we are giving back to those that have selflessly fought for our country.  It just makes sense that we all pull together and create a comfortable home for our wounded heroes.” – Tim O’Brien, President, Tim O’Brien Homes

“We are honored to support our veterans through Operation Finally Home and we are very grateful and have been blown away by all the support from our loyal team of craftsmen that have stepped forward to help with this amazing cause.” – David Belman, President, Belman Homes, Inc.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our company to give at least a little back to the military families who have given of their time and lives to serve and protect us.  We are honored to be a major supporter of the project and remain grateful to all who have served and are currently serving in the military.” – Matt Neumann, President, Neumann Companies

The homes will be started in August 2015 and framing will take place in October 2015.

How You Can Help Operation FINALLY HOME Wisconsin

  • Cash Donations – All donations will directly go toward materials and labor for the two Wisconsin projects
  • Donations – Materials to build the homes and furniture to furnish the homes after the builds are complete
  • Volunteers – Create a fundraising event on behalf of Operation FINALLY HOME Wisconsin
  • Support – Share the story about this amazing Charity. See if you can reach out to your groups: Churches, VFW’s, Chambers, etc. to spread the word and possibly host a fundraising event for Operation FINALLY HOME Wisconsin

For information on how you can help, please call our hotline at 262-522-3624. If you would like to donate, please visit: Additionally, you can text the word “Wisconsin” to 41444 to receive instructions on how to donate via cell phone or drop off a donation at our official drop off location at any Westbury Bank location. To stay on top of the latest news, “Like” the Operation FINALLY HOME Wisconsin and Tim O’Brien Homes Facebook pages.

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