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June Green Construction Tour

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: June 12, 2017

How Does Tim O’Brien Homes Build Green and Energy-Efficient Homes?

Join Tim O’Brien Homes in a Green Tour showcasing the behind the wall details to learn about energy efficient features, green building practices and ways to save. Many individuals are interested in seeing the components and care used to build a home, the Tim O’Brien Homes’ difference is certainly in the details; take a Green Tour with Tim O’Brien Homes on  Saturday, June 24th, 10:00 to 11:00 AM, for a free tour in Oconomowoc at our Ready Home in Pine Ridge Estates – 1233 Juniper Lane Oconomowoc, WI.

Tim O’Brien Homes’ Construction Manager, Jamie Jesse and New Home Sales Professionals, Bryan Lindgren and Sarah Petushek will teach you about our innovative building process that provides increased comfort, strength, energy-efficiency, and savings, as well as our other green building practices. A great educational opportunity to learn about the Tim O’Brien Homes’ construction process and the ability to ask questions about our products.

In addition, discover the money saving features that Tim O’Brien Homes’ offers to each home buyer.  All homes include a 10-Year Limited Warranty. Furthermore, energy-efficient features that are 3rd party tested and certified, which helps to support our 5-Year Energy Savings Guarantee.TOB_GUARANTEE shield_r1

QUESTIONS & TO REGISTER please contact Sarah Petushek at 760-900-5087 or

For driving directions please use the following information:

Ready Home Address1233 Juniper Lane Oconomowoc, WI

Directions: I-94 to Hwy. 16. From Hwy. 16. exit Hwy. P/Brown St. North to Lisbon Rd., west to community on right.

About Tim O’Brien Homes

Tim O’Brien Homes is a semi-custom single family home builder in the Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin areas and the leader in energy efficiency, innovative designs, green building practices, and renewable technologies.  All homes are 3rd party tested and certified surpassing the State’s energy- efficiency and green strict guidelines, and backed by a 5-Year Energy Guarantee. In addition, seven Core Values are the guiding principles that inspire our daily work and underscore our commitment to customers, vendor partners and each other. For more information, contact Tim O’Brien Homes at 262-542-5750 or visit

National Award – NHQ Silver 2017

Categories: Blog, Design, Design Studio, Energy Efficiency, Going Green, Green Building, Model Homes, Neighborhoods, Tim O'Brien Homes, Uncategorized | Posted: December 5, 2016

Tim O'Brien Homes NHQ Silver 2017


Tim O’Brien Homes recently received the NHQ Silver Award 2017.  The NHQ program judges evaluated Tim O’Brien Homes in eight categories.

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Process Management
  4. Customer Satisfaction
  5. Human Resources Focus
  6. Construction Quality
  7. Trade Partner Relations
  8. Performance Results

“To get the high marks that Tim O’Brien Homes earned for customer satisfaction, the 2017 NHQ Silver Award winner had to deliver from contract through warranty. Doing so requires employees who are committed and engaged.”

“The builder’s Milwaukee and Madison, WI, divisions received top scores from NHQ examiners for employee satisfaction and staff performance management. They also noted management’s commitment to employee well-being and the company’s low turnover.”

-Professional Builder® (

When you or someone you know is looking for a home builder in the Milwaukee or Madison area, please keep Tim O’Brien Homes in mind.

Read the full article here.

See more awards we’ve won.

Keep Pets Cool

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: July 28, 2014

With the heat of summer upon us, remember to keep your pets cool! Dogs and cats are more apt to getting heat stroke in the hot summer months than humans. Some signs of heat stroke in pets are excessive panting, glazed eyes, increased heart rate, deep red or purple tongue, drooling, and vomiting. Thankfully, there are many ways to keep your pets cool in the summer. Read below for tips!20140503_153647

  • Provide cool, clean water.
    Staying hydrated on hot summer days is key when preventing heat stroke.
  • Exercise during the cool parts of the day.
    Walk your pet in the morning or evening when the sun is not at it’s hottest, the air is easier to breath, and the ground is not as hot on the pads of their paws.
  • Locate shade.
    If you are outside during the hottest parts of the day with your pet, make sure to find some shady spots for your pet to relax under.2013042295153455
  • Leave behind.
    Leave your pet at home if the day is just too hot, especially if you will be leaving them in a car during errands. Keep pets out of the car and instead, keep them in the comfort of their home.
  • Keep hair long.
    Contrary to popular belief, keeping your pet’s hair long in the summer is beneficial to them. The layers of hair protect the animal from sunburn and overheating. Brushing away loose fur helps, too.


Read more tips on keeping your pets cool in the summer heat at the Humane Society of the United States website!

New Brookfield Model Open!

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: April 28, 2014

The Clover

Our new Brookfield model is now open! The Clover is a new model of Tim O’Brien Homes, which will be fully decorated at Linfield Crossing. It is a two-story floor plan with 1,992 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a Flex Room designed as a Study that can easily be converted into a Dining Room. The first floor is an open concept design, with the Great Room, Dinette and Kitchen all flowing together for easy entertaining. The rear foyer connecting to the garage includes a powder room, private laundry, and added lockers and drop zone. On the second floor you will find a Master Bedroom Suite, three secondary bedrooms, a full bath, and a hall linen closet. The Master Bedroom Suite and one secondary bedroom include a walk-in closet. With the spacious feel of the home, the Clover is a great place to entertain and enjoy everyday life. Linfield Crossing

Linfield Crossing is serviced by Elmbrook School District and is close to shopping, the interstate, and a short drive to Downtown Milwaukee. To get to Linfield Crossing, take I-94 to Moorland Road. Go South on Moorland Road to Greenfield Avenue. Go East on Greenfield to South Elm Grove Road.

The Clover will host regular model hours, Friday through Tuesday, Noon to 5:00pm or by appointment. The New Home Consultant, Bryan Lindgren, will be covering the Brookfield are and working out of the Clover. For more information on Linfield Crossing, please contact Bryan at 608-215-4934.

NAHB Outlook on Housing Released

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: May 10, 2013

NAHB Outlook on Housing Released
(Waukesha, Wis.) May 9, 2013 –

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently released their outlook on housing and found the housing market is turning around in Wisconsin and the nation. According to NAHB’s Chief Economist Dr. David Crowe, “The temporary ‘softness’ in housing starts early this year was a ‘momentary pause,’ and momentum will pick back up for the rest of the year.” The pause was due to the federal budget sequester, along with labor and material shortages. Housing, according to Crowe, drives the nation’s economic recovery. There will be an increase in housing in Wisconsin, and in the nation. Wisconsin and the nation are entering a period where there will be more houses being built. “The MBA has received many inquiries from consumers looking for a builder to build their dream
home,” said Kris Hillmer, MBA executive director. “People interested in building can tour brand new homes during the MBA Parade of Homes this August and September. For those who can’t wait and want to build a home now, visit the MBA’s web site at, to find quality custom home builders.”

According to the NAHB report, multifamily homes and remodeling projects are now close to normal levels in the market. This year alone, multifamily homes are predicted to climb 35 percent nationwide. Remodeling projects are predicted to increase by 2.2 percent this year. The report showed single-family home activity at 47 percent of normal during the first quarter this year. Crowe predicts it will be a 71 percent of normal by the end of 2014. The report predicts an increased number of people buying a home compared to last year.

The Cost Question

Categories: The Building Process, Uncategorized | Posted: March 18, 2011

A question Tim O’Brien New Home Consultants often hear is “what’s your price per square foot?” The perception (or presumption), we assume, is that if you wanted to add or subtract a few square feet for whatever reason, you simply add or subtract that amount per foot from the price or cost of the house.

Simply, in our business, it doesn’t work that way. For us, it’s an impossible question to answer without a lot more information and detail, and one that can only be derived once the house is finished and all costs have been accounted for. Before that, it’s akin to asking, “How much does a vacation cost?” without first knowing where and for how long you plan to go, and by what mode of transportation, among other considerations.
The fact is, the details (and therefore cost) of every house — even those built on speculation by large-volume builders — is different, and the cost of your house is entirely up to you, not your builder. Only you know how much you can afford and what you want in your new home. At Tim O’Brien Homes it is our job to apply our expertise and experience to finely detail your wants and needs and then build a home that meets (or ideally exceeds) those expectations while remaining within your budget.

That’s why it is so important to determine and then share your budget with us from the first moment you select us to build your home. Budget information should precede any talk of contracts or actual construction. Using the vacation analogy, we are like a travel agent working with you to plan a trip.

Still, the square-foot cost question persists. So, it might be helpful to understand what goes into or affects the cost (or ultimate price) of a new home to gain a better perspective on the question.
For instance, the costs of similarly sized homes can vary considerably due to their location (and even size and shape of the lot within the same neighborhood), the outline of the building, the type of and complexity of the foundation and roof, and many other construction and design characteristics that are not directly related to the square footage of the house.
In addition, costs including development impact fees and permits, or state and municipality mandated code requirements, can add from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars to the ultimate cost of a new home, regardless of size. Labor and material costs also can vary substantially based upon the time of year, availability and demand of building materials and workers, weather conditions, and the complexity of the project.

The list of variables goes on, and we’re happy to discuss them with you and explain how they might impact the cost of your new home. But, in our view, it’s short-sighted to ask us up-front what our homes cost per square foot, and certainly to base one of the most important decisions of your life on that metric alone.

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