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6 Reasons Why The Easy Choice is New

Categories: Blog, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Tim O'Brien Homes | Posted: April 6, 2018

In today’s competitive housing market it is not uncommon to miss out on a home that meets almost all your criteria. Most people’s train of thought tells them to keep searching and something will eventually come about. Building a new home is often times overlooked because of the up front price difference, but it can ensure you the home of your dreams from the moment you are handed the keys.

Why buy new?

1.) Cost saving heating and cooling

With the advances being made in new home construction, you can virtually guarantee a tremendous amount of savings over time on your heating and cooling bills. Innovations in insulation are a big contributing factor to energy savings in a new home. Technology has allowed builders to part ways with old techniques and change the construction process to save the homeowner money over time. New, more efficient heating and cooling systems can also contribute to energy savings in the long run.

2.) Healthy Living Environment

When it comes to health risks, new homes offer clear advantages. Asbestos is no longer used in roof shingles, piping, roof tar, flooring, ceilings, or insulation. Homes are being painted with lead-free paint, and formaldehyde emissions from particleboard and hardwood have been eliminated. Radon prevention techniques are being built into new homes to prevent potential health problems. The advancement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as circuit breakers have helped new homes become tremendously safer to their occupants.

3.) Updated features

Building a new home allows you to choose from some of the latest and greatest appliances, countertops, lighting, flooring, and other fixtures on the market. Many of the appliances offered by builders today can also attribute to savings in your utility bills down the line. Energy saving technology is something that has been making waves for the past few years and builders have hopped on board with the appliances they are able to offer their customers. With interior designers (often times on staff) you can guarantee your new home will be stylish and trendy!

4.) Floor plan selection

In older homes the floor plans can sometimes leave something to be desired. Often times owners end up knocking down a wall here and there to achieve the open layouts that are on trend these days. With functionality and trend in mind, new home floor plans allow you to choose what best fits your lifestyle. Almost all new home floor plans feature open layouts. Whether you want a ranch or two story, you are bound to find the perfect floor plan for you and your family.

5.) Personalized for you

With the ability to choose your fixtures, appliances, and much more, you can truly say your home is unique to you. A builder takes what is most important to you in a home and can help bring it to life. Existing homes take much more work to truly make your own whereas a new home will be built with you in mind.

6.) Less Maintenance

In a new home you can still expect minor repairs, mostly covered under warranties, as the home adjusts to housing occupants but overall significantly less maintenance than most existing homes. With existing homes, many people find themselves wanting to make costly esthetic changes that can often times take months or sometimes years to finish. With a new home, you have all the newest features that have been hand-picked, ultimately eliminating the hassle of remodeling for many years.

Older homes that were built without the information and technology we have today can experience larger scale structural issues overtime. When you purchase an existing home, you are also inheriting the issues of the previous owners. If someone living in the home before you did not take care of the home properly, the negative result of that can fall on the new homeowner. The chart above breaks down exactly how much it can cost to repair serious issues you may experience with your home. New homes can give homeowners piece of mind that existing homes otherwise cannot.


So although new home construction is more of an upfront investment than existing homes, you are able to experience a brand new home that is personalized to you and built to save you money in the long run.

Here at Tim O’Brien homes we pride ourselves on our energy efficient and green building practices. Each and every home we build meets the Focus on Energy Requirements which includes 3rd party testing. Our homes provide you with energy savings and a comfortable living for years to come.

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