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How We Build

How We Build

At Tim O'Brien Homes, we strive to build lasting homes by using the most efficient and innovative building practices, technology and materials. Click on the clovers below to discover what's behind the walls of our homes.

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An approach to building homes that drives value for the homebuyer, TOH is recognized for impeccable workmanship and a commitment to green design, including superior energy performance, renewables, healthy materials, and constantly researching new product innovations.

-Philip Beere - Green Home Author/Contributor

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Hidden details assure improved energy-efficiency; better comfort and air distribution; and prevents heat loss that will save you money.

  • Innovative building system providing increased comfort, strength, energy efficiency, and savings

  • 1" rigid foam insulation on exterior walls over 7/16" OSB

  • Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation in exterior walls

  • Total Wall R-Value (R-21)

  • Spray foam insulation (R-14) in box sill where 30% of heat can escape

  • ENERGY STAR® rated single-hung windows, Low-E, argon filled, .30 U-Value

  • 95% high efficiency furnace with digital setback thermostat

  • Energy Heel Truss for greater insulation

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Advanced building systems protect your home from carbon monoxide, harmful VOCs and combustible gases, offering healthier living.

  • Active subsoil venting system for healthier indoor air

  • Low VOC carpeting and zero VOC paints

  • Quiet, efficient 110 CFM bath fans in all full baths to remove air moisture from the home

  • Direct vent exhaust fan in kitchen for improved indoor air quality

  • Honeywell F100 media furnace filter MERV 11

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Saving water, energy, and money without sacrificing performance. Preserve our precious resource and protect the environment.

  • EPA WaterSense® certified vanity faucets & shower heads, reducing water consumption by 20%

  • Uponor PEX water lines to fixtures, sustainable product due to its corrosion resistance

  • Erosion control stormwater management designed for the homesite

Resource Conservation

Resource Conservation

More durable products means less maintenance and lower cost over the life of your home.

  • Homes are designed to minimize waste

  • Pull out dual trash/recycling bins in all kitchens to make recycling a breeze

  • Materials are sourced locally, exterior stone manufactured in Wisconsin, insulation and exterior doors in Indiana and drywall in Tennessee

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Harnessing the energy from the earth and sun for long-term energy independence and a higher level of comfort. Homeowners can choose to add on a renewable feature or have the rough-in built for future addition.

  • Solar options available

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