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March 5, 2021

Building Sustainably - Episode 11

In this episode, Tim O'Brien is joined by our Director of Sales and his long-time colleague and friend, Pete Lange. Pete began his career in the homebuilding industry in 1990 and continued until 2009, serving  in roles ranging from Customer Service Manager to Production Manager to Vice President of Sales. He then followed his passion for teaching and music, teaching Band and Choir from 2009 to 2017. Pete  Re-entered homebuilding and joining Tim O’Brien Homes in 2016 and  continues teaching Sales, Customer Service, and Construction.

During the interview, Pete shares his insights on frequently asked questions by homebuyers looking to build or buy new construction. Tim and Pete discuss the benefits of buying new, the financing process, and much more! 

To listen to the full episode, visit our Building Sustainably Podcast.

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