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December 19, 2023

Construction Quality

As a professional builder, our company takes pride in creating high-quality homes. So we’d like our homebuyers to understand the difference between a well-built home and something less. What do we mean by “quality”? It’s not a mystery—construction quality is easy to see when you know what to look for.

We’ve found that the best way to help a homebuyer understand the construction process and appreciate the value of our materials and methods is to schedule visits to the job site at key milestones. As we walk a customer through a newly framed house, for instance, we can point out the tight tolerances we require from our framing crew. We can show examples and explain why these standards help to ensure reliable performance and comfort in the finished home. 

Next, homeowners can observe the ways we install the wiring, plumbing, and mechanical systems to make sure that they will perform as designed and promised. As construction continues, we encourage homeowners to schedule additional walkthroughs so we can showcase our high-level materials and methods. What is tough for clients to visualize in the office becomes clear as the house takes shape.

The conditions of our job site are also an indicator of quality. We expect our crews and trade partners to maintain a clean site. Disposing of trash and scrap materials not only makes for a professional work environment, but also a safe one. We believe that our insistence on a professional-looking job site translates to superior-quality workmanship.

As a new home nears completion, its quality is even easier for clients to see and understand. Adhering to or exceeding the highest industry standards, we work hard to make sure that walls are smooth and that cabinets, trim, and other fixtures fit snugly into place. Details matter. The windows and doors must operate seamlessly, and flooring and other finishes should meet our clients’ highest expectations. 

But the true test of quality construction is when a homebuyer moves in. Our energy-efficient systems and conscientious construction create a high level of comfort and ease for our homebuyers. The way our homes stand the test of time and the rigor of everyday living is a testament to the quality we strive to achieve from the foundation to the rooftop.

Q: My builder seems far removed from the construction process, and I deal mostly with the site superintendent. Is that normal?

A: Builders understand they are responsible for every home their company builds. A successful builder is also a successful manager and business owner. When you buy from a professional builder, you are investing in a company of professional support, as opposed to a contractor trying to build your dream home from the back of a pickup. Increasingly, today’s builders focus on managing their company systems and delegate on-site construction responsibility to trusted employees. In this way, custom builders can assign your home’s construction to a superintendent who can keep you informed, facilitate changes, and manage the day-to-day happenings on the job site. 

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