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June 21, 2022

Organizing Kids Spaces

From toys and art supplies to clothes, homework piles, electronics, and more, kids have a unique way of turning any space into pure chaos! When you have a bustling household and laundry, dishes, yardwork, and everything else to keep up with, it’s easy for a kid’s playroom or bedroom to get out of hand. However, it’s easier than you may think to keep these spaces neat and organized. There are plenty of neat tricks to clear the clutter – we’ve outlined some ideas for you below!

Consider the Layout & Furnishings

Whether or not your child has a large room or a smaller space, it’s key to consider the layout you’re working with. Bunk beds or lofted beds can be an excellent option if you’re looking for more room to move about and organize any clutter on the floor. If that’s not an option, consider bed risers so you can store extra bins and storage under the bed; that is, if you don’t already have a bed with drawers or attached storage. 

To keep clutter off the floor, you may want to put up shelves or cabinets for more storage space. If your child has a desk, utilize that space as well! You can put additional storage cubes on top of the desk if necessary. Be sure to invest in furnishings that can double as other things – for example, if you buy an ottoman for your child’s room, make sure it has a storage component so you can lift the top and keep toys, blankets, or whatever else inside!

Quarterly Cleanings
Many people talk about spring cleaning… but what happens the rest of the year? Create a routine with your kids to clear the clutter seasonally. This is a great way to keep the space neat and clean; it’s also an excellent way to introduce your child to the idea of recycling and donating items they may not use anymore. 

Encourage kids to keep a ‘donate bin’ at all times in their bedroom or playroom – then, when it comes time to spring (or summer or winter or fall) clean, you can take a trip and donate those clothes, toys, etc. This will teach your kids to be more mindful about the items they do and don’t use regularly, and also to think about those less fortunate. 

Create Fun Displays
Sometimes it can seem like your kids have more paperwork piled up than an attorney’s office – what to do with it all? Keep bulletin boards and other display boards around the home to encourage your kids to hang their artwork or whatever else they may want to showcase. 

It can be fun to set a theme each month (or season) to change up these boards and rotate the artwork – like an at-home art gallery. Again, this will encourage your kids to keep things off of the floor or piling up on desks and chairs. Keeping organized doesn’t have to be such a chore!

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