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July 25, 2022

How To Create A Pet-Friendly Home

Much like kid-proofing a home, if you have a furry friend running around, you will want to make sure your living quarters are pet-friendly. From cat towers and dog ramps to designated play and eating areas, there are several factors to consider when creating a safe and fun environment for your pet. According to several surveys, pet ownership and adoptions have only increased since the pandemic – and the home improvement industry is taking note. In fact, among all home improvement projects in 2020, pet home modifications were among the top trending. 

Safety is #1

Of course, the key to any pet-friendly home is safety! This can include a variety of things; from filling holes in your fence to ensuring electrical wires are out of reach. Remember, whether you have a dog or a cat, or another curious critter, pets have a way of getting into anything and everything! Be mindful of plants, laundry supplies, and other household items that can be harmful if ingested. Keep your local emergency vet clinic’s number tacked onto your fridge or somewhere you can find it quickly, just in case. 

Create Designated Spaces
With safety in mind, you’ll want to create designated spaces for your pet(s) to eat, sleep, and play. Every pet is unique and will need its own time to retreat and relax. Look around for cute and cozy unused spaces around the home. Additionally, if you allow your pets to have a full run of your home, be sure they have easy access to beds, couches, etc. This may mean installing ramps for older, less agile pets or doggy doors around the home as needed. 

Pet Proof As Needed
From couch covers and childproof cabinet latches to covered trash cans and more, pet-proofing the home is essential! Keep lint brushes handy for pet hair and safe cleaning products for any pet mishaps. Be aware of any climbing hazards as well, including ladders and step stools – some pets may not bother with these, but others can be curious climbers! Again, each pet is different – some are timid and meek by nature and you won’t need to pet-proof as much. Others will want to eat and chew and burrow into everything! Pay attention to your pet and its specific needs.

Keep Organized 

This goes along with everything else on the list but the key to a pet-proofed home is to keep everything organized. Have a designated spot for pet toys, food, treats, cleaning products, leashes, etc. Knowing where everything is in a pinch can be a great time-saver when you’re on the go– especially if you have human children in addition to the furry ones running around! It also makes it easier for future pet sitters. 

Creating a pet-friendly home doesn’t have to be such a chore; in fact, it can be quite fun! Any home can be a welcoming space for any pet with the right touches. Paws up to that!

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